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Coconut M&Ms

Description. A “limited-edition” M, the coconut iteration is slightly larger than an original M, likely to imply the presence of actual coconut within in the manner of Almond Joy Pieces. A coconut M is dark brown, green, or white in color; bisecting several Ms revealed no coconut material inside, and in fact the ingredients list does not contain coconut at all — just artificial flavoring.

This tester considers the white M a bit creepy, but should also disclose that she is still outraged at the ouster of the beige M lo these many years ago, and considers the addition of the blue M an affront to candy tradition…so perhaps is not the most objective.

Packaging/Branding. Comparatively inoffensive, although it does feature the inappropriate anthropomorphizing of the various Ms, assigning them personalities and narratives that turn a quick snack into a variation on cannibalism. (A ukulele? Overruled.)

Flavor Profile. Coconut-haters may play through, but even fans of coconut will find this M disappointing at best. The faux-conut flavor is sometimes too sweet, other times overwhelmed by the taste of dark chocolate. Notes of plastic and cardboard also pertain.

Habitat. The candy aisle; seasons during which the Mars Corporation gets a price break on Formula Coco X19.

Field Notes. One of two black sheep in the M family; the pretzel M may appear in these pages, but is possibly too boring and flavorless to qualify as revolting.

Revulsion Scale: 3

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