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Double-Decker Moon Pie, Banana Flavor

Description. The Double-Decker Moon Pie comes out of the package looking like a hybrid: a runty stack of gluten-free pancakes caught in a weather event; and a cafeteria cheeseburger. The latter impression is thanks to the icing, a mustard color with unfortunate drips happening at the sides.

Cross-sectioning the Pie reveals a layer-cake-like interior iced with marshmallow, but thanks to the compression, there persists the overarching sense of an already-mediocre snack purposefully stepped on.

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Choco Balls

The Choco Ball does not photograph terribly well, but is not itself all that appalling. We have seen and sampled far worse here at the Bunting Alimentary Research Foundation; Choco Balls were selected for testing primarily on the basis of a garden-variety name fail. The packaging, however, should automatically notify various departments of child protection, thanks to the cartoon baby giraffe excitedly watching a white liquid descend onto a bowlful of fecal-pellet-esque balls while a mommy (or druncle) giraffe looks on.

Looks on, and nearly gets hit in the chin. With…a ball.

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